Video Production + Video Post-Production in the Hudson Valley


Over 20 years of experience in all phases of video production and post-production. That includes commercials, documentaries, instructional videos, corporate videos, music videos, promos, sales videos, web videos and more.



A videographer is someone who creates an entire video.  It’s video production and video post-production in one package. Jeanne Vitale has experience as a videographer: writing, producing, shooting, lighting, and recording sound for documentaries, live events, and short films.  Then editing the footage and adding whatever is needed (stock footage, music, b-roll, sound effects, color correction, voice-over…)  to make a compelling video. Open Sky is a one-stop shop for creating video content for TV or the web.


Big or small, simple or complex, a cast of one or a cast of thousands, Jeanne’s years of experience as a producer for nationally broadcast commercials, corporate videos, live events, and music videos means you can be confident that your story will be told right.

Video Producer/Video Editor


A video producer takes the raw footage and fills in what’s needed to tell the story. That can mean working with a lot of people. You work people to get scripts, music, b-roll, sound effects, voice over narration, color correction, graphics, licensing…


A video editor works with the producer to take all of those elements and bring them together to tell the story. Basically, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.


Jeanne Vitale of Open Sky Productions has experience as a Video Producer/Editor doing all of the above. Whether it’s commercials, documentaries, corporate or industrial videos, music videos, demo reels, or web videos, Open Sky Productions can make it happen.

Video Editor


As a  video editor, I work closely with the producer to cut the footage, b-roll, music, sound effects, voice-over narration, and graphics together to tell the story they want told. Depending on the client, I also do some sound mixing, audio sweetening, color correction, and graphics.


When the producer and editor truly collaborate, it can be thrilling to be in an edit room. These projects reflect that.