Guantanamo: A Legal Primer

About This Project



The reason “the greatest generation” was great, in my opinion, wasn’t just because they pulled together and sacrificed to fight fascism, but because they held the Nuremburg Trials. They chose the rule of law over blind retribution after a global conflagration. When I found out that the USA was now starring in the role of the bad guy from the old B&W movies I loved as a kid (“we have ways of making you talk…”), it rocked my world. The photos were difficult to come by, but this is the result of my research. This video doesn’t discuss the immorality of this horrific practice, it is a just quick lesson about torture (a.k.a. “enhanced interrogation”), the Geneva Convention, and US law to a snappy beat, sung by the great Jose Feliciano.


Music “Guantanamera” (Digitally Mastered – April 1992) by José Feliciano (Google PlayAmazon MP3iTunes)